What Others say......

What Others Say.......

“In two hours all the pain in my joints had gone. I would recommend the Bioflow wristband to anyone.

These days you get mugged for your mobile phone or credit cards. I would happily give them those, and my  watch and money as long as they do not take the wristband. It means so much to me. It really has changed my life!”   Pentti Airikkala

**  I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 12 years and had been wearing a Bioflow Duet bracelet for approximately 2 years.

In November 2003 I had to remove it when my hands were x-rayed and I had not replaced it as I was unable to do so. Prior to my hospital appointment the bracelet had not been off my wrist since Jan Moody first put it on.

Over the next 2 months, my general health deteriorated.  I was very tired and lethargic and my knuckles and fingers became swollen and painful.  I was beginning to find it difficult to manage various household chores.

I met Jan at a show in February and when she asked me how I was I then realised that perhaps that was why I was so bad. She offered her Finesse for me to wear for the rest of the day. After an hour I began to feel that something was happening so decided to have one and trade in my Duet.

In 24 hours there was marked improvement in the swelling and pain in my hands.  I also felt generally better and able to tackle the housework.

I definitely put my health improvement down to my new bracelet and after wearing it for 2 weeks, I am even able to take my dogs for short walks. I most certainly recommend the Bioflow.

Anne Lea - Reading

PS. I saw Anne at a show two months later and she was definitely moving well!    Jan

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Testament to the efficacy of wearing Bioflow magnets

Bioflow For People

****  “In two hours all the pain in my joints had gone. I would recommend the Bioflow wristband to anyone.

These days you get mugged for your mobile phone or credit cards. I would happily give them those, and my  watch and money as long as they do not take the wristband. It means so much to me. It really has changed my life!”   Pentti Airikkala

** Since having a Bioflow Duet and Boost for my excruciatingly painful knees they are now without pain and I am so much more flexible.

I have also had 12 ½ years of pain around my jaw and under my ear that would spread into my ear, over my head and along my jaw. Numerous painful and distressing exploratory tests then invasive visits to the dentist achieved nothing. Three weeks after having the Bioflows I decided to try putting one of the double magnets from the Boost onto my jugular vein. Not only did I sleep very deeply, something I have not done for years, but, woke up the next morning without any pain around my face and ear.

I am so impressed by the results that I am thoroughly recommending Bioflows to all my friends and all those at the hydrotherapy pool, to the extent that I have now taken on the business. Such a small, simple thing that has such remarkable results.     H.M.  Inverness



Bioflow For Animals

** Our very old 19 year old Siamese cat had seemed to lose the will to live. The vet could not help but after putting on the Bioflow Cat Collar is now like a spring chicken.      S. Glenn.  Warminster, Wilts 

** Two years ago Lucy, the Shetland Sheepdog, was in a very bad way and was nearly put down. Chris asked me what she could do. I suggested she try a Bioflow Collar. Two years later Lucy is still happily enjoying her walks. C. A. and Lucy.  Droitwich

** Lakeland Terrier with skin problems and continually scratching. After a week with a Bioflow collar the scratching stopped. It was taken off to bath the dog and left off by mistake. The scratching started again.! The collar was replaced and the skin has settled down.                                           P.S. Sale Green, Worcester.

** Our golden retriever Charlie had tendonitis in his shoulder and myasthenia gravis, a muscle wasting disease. We purchased a Bioflow magnetic collar from Jan Moody and after exactly a month he was walking without a limp. We have also noticed a big improvement to his whole general wellbeing. He is raring to go, enjoys his walks more and is generally much, much better. Margaret Bramall. PAT Dogs (Pets As Therapy) Area Co-Ordinator 

** Max the Whippet, 7 years old, has a crushed disc in his neck and when the weather was cold he was in a lot of pain. He was on Cartrophin, Rimadyl and Prednisole. We put a Bioflow Dog Collar on him and within two weeks he was off all medication and greatly improved. He wears the collar all the time.  
Our American Sheltie Champion is 10 years old and has arthritis in his shoulder. He was really bothered by it but he now wears his Bioflow Collar all the time and he is generally moving more freely. But the most noticeable thing is that he is so much healthier and happier in himself. 
I have to say that Danielle and I were the biggest sceptics but now we are convinced about Bioflow Magnotherapy products and would recommend them to everyone for themselves and their dogs.
Garry Dryburgh. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Healing and Recovery with Bioflow

On 19th may 2007 I was racing at Cadwell Park in a 1929 Austin 7,  known  as the B&Q Special, when I had an accident/incident  when entering the mountain section of the circuit and I found I had no brakes! I selected a lower gear to slow the car down and turned in to the corner cutting across the grass when the car began to spin. At this point the car rolled and spun upside down on my head and back. As the car rolled back onto its wheels my foot became trapped and I was being flung out of the side of the car with the foot still trapped. I landed on the track which broke my shoulder blade and collar bone. My leg was forced against the side of the car where the body of the car was somewhat reduced. Therefore my injuries were - broken leg, shattered tibia in three places at the knee joint. Collar bone and shoulder blade, mild head injury.  Ten days in hospital, 8 hour operation to rebuild the leg and knee where an external fixator was fitted!

The shoulder area was healing in 3 weeks but the leg showed no signs.  At 12 weeks the decision was made for further operations at week 16 for a bone graft. This was when I was given a Bioflow Explorer2 wristband and Boost Buttons by Madge Hulbert, having heard about them from Jan Moody. Madge and Mac were anxious about the slow rate of healing, as were the consultants.

At week 16, only 4 weeks after no sign of the bone fixing, I had the frame off! This timing is correct! I can't really believe it myself, reading all this!

22 weeks after the crash I started driving again, 5 weeks after the frame was off and 6 weeks earlier then the surgeon first thought.

I know when the Boost Buttons are not on my  knee as when they have  been inadvertently left off the pain returned.   

Also 5 week after the crash I got kidney stones, due to my medication. I was in agony for 8 weeks until I got the Boost Buttons and placed them in that area at night with no further problems.
I went back to work on 17th Sept and the main thing – I’m driving again! 

I still use the Boost Buttons every day, particularly for work where I'm on my feet all day and have little discomfort. However, I did go to work one day without them and my leg swelled and I was in a lot of  pain!

I would thoroughly recommend Bioflow and thanks to Madge and Jan I am now looking forward to next year’s racing.

Tom Hardman. Clitheroe

- Jan Moody -

   Bioflow Magnotherapy             


            Independant Distributor for Ecoflow plc


Tom Hardman in the Austin 7 B&Q Special



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From Article in Worcester News

** “As a diabetic I used to suffer from cold feet and had to wear socks in bed but they warmed up as soon as I started wearing a Bioflow wristband. Also, my crooked little finger straightened and eyesight has improved. “   B.B. Worcs.

** 68-year-old Grace Hewins from Malvern is diabetic and has rheumatoid arthritis. Since wearing a Bioflow the circulation in her legs improved and she has better mobility. “My right knee had been very stiff and painful and I was able to bend it for the first time in ages. Not a miracle cure but it has made a deal of difference and when I went for my 6 month check up the specialist said I didn’t need the cortisone injection this time.


- Jan Moody -

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