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                                 Archie has been screened for HD.  3:7 = 10      CEA/PRA Clear.  Carrier

                                                                                                                   Photo: M Botham

                                                        Reserve CC Manchester                   

                                                     JANETSTOWN JOSSES HILL

                                     By: Ch Philhope Star Struck ex: Janetstown Jenerous

Janetstown Jenerous


Dam of Janetstown Josses Hill


By Foubeck Funtastic AW (B)

A true Agility pedigree

PRA CEA Clear.

Hip score 7:7= 14

Ch Janetstown Jeana

From UKsheltie list

Ch Janetstown Jogalong JW      1997 - 2013

I am so sad to hear of the loss of Donald (Ch Janetstown Jogalong). He had such a tremendous impact on our wonderful fourlegged friend.  I am sure Jan and John have so many treasured memories of him and his off spring.


Every dog I have met that has been sired by Donald has had such a lovely temperament.  He also has sired some brilliant agility dogs.  In fact he is the sire of my own very special boy  BeatBeats (Peartbrook Make It So).  I remember several years ago BeatBeat and I were lucky enough to try out for the GB Agility team . If my memory serves me right I recall there were 5 shelties there that day 4 of whom were sired by Donald.


When I was looking for another agility dog last year, one of my main criteria was that it went back to Donald.



Pat Wallis

* Pat now has a Jogalong Grandson


SSC of Wales Ch show 17.3.13

Ch Janetstown Jeana  1st Veteran Bitch

Lianbray Lemonade at Janetstown. 2nd Minor Puppy. 1st Maiden


Ch Janetstown Jeana

1st Veteran Bitch

                                              Photo: Hilary Gamble

LKA   15.12.12

Best Veteran in Breed

Shetland Sheepdog Club of North Wales

Best Veteran in Show

Midwestern Shetland Sheepdog Club Ch Show  27.10.2012

Ch Janetstown Jeana

Best In Show

Bitch CC and Best Veteran in Show

Crufts 2012

Ch Janetstown Jeana

Reserve CC

Manchester 2012

Ch Janetstown Jeana

Best Veteran B

LKA 11.12.11

Ch Janetstown Jeana

1st Veteran Bitch         VHC Veteran Stakes

                                                                             Photos by Lana

ESSC Ch show 22.10.11

Ch Janetstown Jeana  - Best Veteran in show


Janetstown Jillions - 3rd Minor Puppy

3 Counties Show 11.6.11

Janetstown Juicemaster - Best Dog  Judge: Rodney Oldham

ESSC Open Show 12.6.11

Janetstown Juicemaster  1st S/W - Judge: Pauline Batten-Jones

Janetstown Jillions 1st Minor Puppy B and Best Bitch Puppy - Judge: Lynne Vidak

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Show  Feb 19th 2011

Janetstown Juicemaster - Reserve Best of Breed - Judge Mrs G Bray

ESSC Championship show at  Stoneleigh 23.10.10

Photo: Afke

CH JANETSTOWN JEANA       Bitch CC Best In Show and Best Veteran in Show

This was Jeana’s 5th CC

Photo: Afke

                                    Judge: Mrs Ferelith Somerfield    BIS & BVIS   Ch Janetstown Jeana          


Best Puppy Bitch & BPIS Sheltysham Mine’s A Dream for Fernhill          Res CC  Chasin’ Rainbows at Carolelen

WPBW  Ch 17.4.10

Janetstown Jamalade (Patsy)

won 1st  Post Grad.

Crufts 2010

Janetstown Juicemaster (Reggie)

won 3rd Post Grad.  (22 in class)

Janetstown Jamalade (Patsy)

won 3rd Post Grad. (33 in class)

Cheltenham Open show at Malvern 15.11.09

Janetstown Juicemaster (Reggie) won Best of Breed and Pastoral Group 4

SWKA Builth Wells Oct 10th 2009

Ch Janetstown Jogalong’s Daughter is now:

Champion Rainelor Rosabella

having won her 3rd CC


Janetstown Juicemaster 2nd Yearling

MWSSC 8.8.09

Janetstown Juicemaster  REGGIE

1st Yearling Dog

Janetstown Jamalade  PATSY

1st Yearling Bitch & Reserve Best Bitch

East of England Ch Show 12.7.09

Photo: S Gruszka

Janetstown Juicemaster - REGGIE

1st Graduate Dog

Janetstown Jamalade  PATSY

1st Graduate Bitch

Three Counties Show  16.6.09

Photo: Barbara Monk

Janetstown Jamalade - Patsy

1st Post Graduate B

Best Bitch and BOB

Short listed in the Group

Judge: Mrs Sylvia Hirst


Shetland Sheepdog Club of Wales 15.3.09

Ch Janetstown Jeana

  1. - Reserve CC Judge: Pam East

ESSC Open Show Feb 7th 2009  See:
ESSC Show Photos by Lana

Ch Janetstown Jogalong JW   Best Veteran in Show

Janetstown Juicemaster 1st

Janetstown Bramble Jelly 1st  

Stourbridge & DCS 27.12.08

Janetstown Jamalade- BOB &G3   Janetstown Juicemaster - 1st Junior

City of Birmingham & Richmond Ch shows

Janetstown Jamalade - 1st Puppy bitch-10 months old


Shetland Sheepdog Club of Wales 15.3.09

Ch Janetstown Jeana

  1. - Reserve CC Judge: Pam East


Shetland Sheepdog Club of N Wales

Ch Janetstown Jeana Res CC

Judge: Doreen Greenhill


Photos: Jane Edwards

Janetstown Jamalade 1st Junior & 1st Novice                   

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society


Ch Janetstown Jeana

CC & BOB                            Photo: Tony Bridge


3rd Show - Border Union         Photo: Stuart Gruszka

Qualified for Crufts 2009 - 3rd Minor Puppy

Patsy’s 2nd Show !!

Three Counties - Best puppy in Breed and Reserve Best Bitch

** 3rd Pastoral Puppy Group 

PATSY! At her 1st show - 7 months old                          Photos: Clare Milsom

Janetstown Jamalade  -  Best Puppy in Show at English Shetland Sheepdog Club’s Open Show June 7th 2008

By: Samphrey Shadow Man Ex: Ch Janetstown Jeana

Photo: Clare Milsom

Best Veteran Dog: Ch Janetstown Jogalong JW with Dog judge Lisa Pettitt

Photo: Clare Milsom

Ch Janetstown Jeana 1st - tri class with Bitch Judge Mrs M Marriage

                                                                                  Photo: Maureen Bywater

BEST in SHOW ESSC Open Show 7.6.08

Rainelor Rosabella JW

By: Ch Janetstown JogalongJW ex: Rainelor Ramani



Photo: Hilary Gamble


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