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1) ‘SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS – The Sheltie’ by Jan Moody
The most informative book on the breed covering all aspects to help the pet owner, breeder, exhibitor, working, agility and obedience enthusiast. Illustrated in colour and black & white.

*** Please ask about availability ***

2) ‘Everyday Alternatives for Dogs’ by Jan Moody 
An easy to read quick reference, first aid self –help for all owners and their dogs.

Covers: Homoeopathy, Chiropractic, Bach Flower, TTouch, Herbal, Aromatherapy etc. 
Price: £3.50 + £1.50 post and packing. * Post free with DVD/Video*

3) DVD or Video  - 
Jan Moody's  - ‘Living with the Shetland  Sheepdog’  

An informative and instructional DVD/Video on how to raise, groom and enjoy the Sheltie from puppy stage to the adult family pet or show dog.
Price £12 inc P&P UK.   post and packing  (£4 Europe) (£8 rest of the world)

All only available by post through Bredicot Publications

Cheques only (in sterling),with order, made payable to: Jan Moody
Jan Moody
Oakfield House 
Main Street
WR10 2NH       
Tel: 01386 462 436

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