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What Others Say.......

“In two hours all the pain in my joints had gone. I would recommend the Bioflow wristband

to anyone.

These days you get mugged for your mobile phone or credit cards. I would happily give them those, and my  watch and money as long as they do not take the wristband.

It means so much to me.

It really has changed my life!”  

Pentti Airikkala

Bioflow is  The Trusted Name in Magnotherapy 
                          A natural way to pain relief

Executive   £85

Duet £60

Duo £55

Monet £60               

  1. *Drug Free 24 Hour Treatment on your wrist *

Pirouette -

Stainless Steel £115.  

Gold Plated  £125


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Magnetic Therapy
For  Animals
 Bioflow for Dogs and Horses  

Recommended by Vets
 Dog Collar    - £35

Boots for Horses     - £65

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Wearing a BIOFLOW Wristband or Bracelet has helped many people & animals with conditions - such as: 

* Arthritis       * Allergies       * Asthma         

* Assists Healing   * Stress

Bone disease         * Chronic Pain       

* Poor circulation      * Fatigue

* Migraine    * Diabetes   *Rheumatism

* Skin conditions       * Travel sickness  

 * Soft tissue injury

Sports injuries      * Slow recovery      

* High Blood pressure        * Chilblains           

* Immune deficiency

Elite - Stainless steel  £105

    Elite 2Tone £110


- Jan Moody -

Bioflow Magnotherapy                 

*  Business Opportunity

Explorer 2 £60

Standard size or Ladies

Recommended starter - Explorer2

- Special Offer £50 -

All bracelets & wristbands available in ladies and gents sizes.

Stainless steel or Gold plated

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